Dundurn National Historic Site

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Welcome, to history.

Dundurn National Historic Site

Parking – Ample and Free
Capacity – up to 70-120 guests
Cost – from $350-$700 for ceremony services, $185 - Photo Permit only

Welcome, to history.

The Dundurn Historical National Site is forever evolving. In its current state, the site offers stunning views, outstanding landscapes, antique architecture, the most amazing kitchen garden and guided tours to learn all about it! Wedding or not, if you have any interest is Canadian history Dundurn Castle is certainly worth a visit. However, we are talking weddings so, what’s the deal with this 19th century mansion on Burlington Heights?

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If you’re interested in learning about the stories this property holds, I highly encourage you to experience a guided tour with a costumed interpreter. In fact, if you are interested in the history of this location, there is a special War of 1812 tour coming up at the end of August. You have to pre-register for this one so if you’d like to go, make sure you get your tickets in advance! As a special bonus it comes with an additional family pass for the museum tour so you can return later and share some more of Hamilton’s history with your loved ones. This package could very well be the best bang for your buck!

There are also free Kitchen Garden tours. If you’d just like to dip your toe in history, this year the tours are running everyday (except Monday) at 2pm! I may also have to retract my previous statement, at $0, the Garden Tour might just be the best bang for your buck. The costumed garden staff are delightfully informed and more than able to help inspire further curiosity and conversation.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, if you have yourself a Hamilton Library Card, the standard Dundurn Museum tours are FREE! That’s right, free! Soo THIS is the best…ah, let’s just say there are a few great ways to learn more about this historical Hamilton property.

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Oh right, Weddings!

Are you simply looking to explore the park? No problem! It’s a public park! Just pull in, park and have a look around. The grounds are wonderfully curated, offer ample shade and there are plenty of benches along the pathways. The tours offer a whole pile of wonderful information and access to the historical buildings with your guides, but if you’d just like to wander around, hand-in-hand with your fiancé, make an afternoon of it!

Get yourselves a drive-thru treat with waaay too much sugar or caffeine in it (or both) and stop-in to the Dundurn National Historic Site for a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

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This property is steeped in history. Typically, Dundurn is a popular location for ceremonies and photography/video sessions because the buildings themselves are as much a part of the museum as the artifacts they hold within. There is a room available for your reception, if you’re looking for a warm, intimate environment to celebrate with a very small group of your closest family and friends.

 So, for a grand celebration of your love, I suggest taking advantage of Dundurn Castle’s gorgeous historical spaces and then bring the party to a reception venue elsewhere in the city. 10 mins north-east and you’re at LaSalle Park and just a few minutes in the other direction, you’re in downtown Hamilton. The Art Gallery of Hamilton or Liuna Station or any number of delicious and/or creative options are available for you. (We’ll eventually be visiting them all I’m sure!)

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At the Dundurn Historical Site, you have the Coach House, the Cockpit and the Maple Walk to choose from. You are looking at $350-700 to book your ceremony, depending on time and location. It will cost you about $185 for a photography permit on its own and either way the parking is free. The photo permit gives you a two-hour time slot and is included with any ceremony booking. The time slots fill up quickly so be sure to check availability as soon as you’ve locked in your wedding date.

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The Coach House provides a lovely indoor space with peaked wooden beams overhead and exposed stone walls from the original structure. Choose this intimate space to wrap yourselves with the warmth and love of your guests.

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The Cockpit is available as an interior ceremony location, essentially becoming your own private chapel for the day. Or, in addition to the beautiful Bay of Burlington, use The Cockpit as a stunning backdrop for your outdoor wedding. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for your big day.

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If you are truly looking to embrace the outdoor, nature vibe, The Maple Walk is the place for you. Absolutely massive maples line the pathway leading out towards Burlington Bay. If you are familiar with the Japanese concept of Forest Bathing, imagine marrying the love of your life, embraced by your family and friends, surrounded by all of nature’s wonderful energy.

Whether you decide to host your ceremony on-site at Dundurn or simply stop in for the 19th century photo-op, be sure to BOOK EARLY. The wonderful staff are always friendly and ready to help with anything you may need. They will work with you directly or help your wedding planner facilitate an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

For more information check out Hamilton.ca/museums or contact:
Catherine Schnurr – Museum Support Clerk - Dundurn@Hamilton.ca - 905-546-2872

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